Gender and Work
The research project "Gender and Work" is financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation through a Wallenberg Scholar grant. 




Welcome to the Department of History!

Despite talk of "history-of" of our time, there are many who are interested in history. Anyone who does not just want to know what happened but also want to understand why, should have great pleasure in reading history as a university discipline. At the Department of History, one can study the changes that affected the development of society, both in our own country and internationally.
One can also gain a better understanding of the past economic, social and political systems. You learn to critically select facts from sources and historical literature, and compile them into an explanation of a sequence of events. The analysis mainly concerns the interplay between economic, social and political change, but ideological and cultural phenomena are also studied, as well as push factors, firstly as a result of phenomena.


Media och samverkan

Millenariska rörelser . Article by Heléne Lööw Bohuslänningen. 2014-10-20.
Millenariska rörelser Islamskav staten. Article by Heléne Lööw Bohuslänningen. 2014-10-20.
Judisk filantropi i Stockholm. Article by Mia Löwengart En svensk framgångssaga. Utställningskatalog, Judiska museet i Stockholm.. 2014-10-08.
Nationalism . Interview with Heléne Lööw Vetenskapens värld SVT . 2014-09-08.
Sommarintervju. Interview with Janne Holmén Hufvudstadsbladet. 2014-08-18.


Aleksandr Kan, professor emeritus of history at the Department of History, will receive HM the King’s medal of the twelfth size with a royal blue ribon.
Millenariska rörelser . Article by Heléne Lööw Bohuslänningen. 2014-10-20.


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