Gender and Work

The research project "Gender and Work" is financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation through a Wallenberg Scholar grant. 





Opuscula Historica Upsaliensia


At the Department of History at Uppsala University there are about fifty historians with different interests and in various research areas. There are historians who research on child labor in 1900s South Africa, with land conflicts in 1800s India, with food supplies in connection with the 1600-century wars, with the kings way to communicate with his subjects, and with the treatment of Jews during World War II. The research deals with events over a long time, from the early Middle Ages to the 1900s. Particularly good skills we have, for the period 1600 to 1900.

Research area



Research nodes within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts have initiated seven research nodes for renewal of research.

Master Research Node in Early Modern Cultural History
a collaborative project between the departments of History, Art History, Musicology, and Textile History

Culture - Democracy - Citizenship
a collaborative project between the departments of literature, ALM, Centre for Gender Research, History of Science and Ideas

Mind and Nature
a collaborative project between the departments of Archival Science, Library & Information Science, and Museum & Heritage Studies (ALM), Archaeology & Ancient History, Centre for Gender Research, Art History, History of Science and ideas, The Hugo Valentin Centre and Cultural Anthroplogy and Ethnology

1700-tal: Sverige i världen – världen i Sverige
More information soon.

KUSKO - Knowledge societies: Communication and organization 1800-2020
a collaborative between the departments of ALM, History of Science and Ideas, Philosophy, History, Uppsala STS, Sociology of Education and Culture

Förintelse- och folkmordsstudier
More information soon.

The good city. Urbanism and social change
a collaborative project between the departments of Archaeology and Ancient History, Art History and Cultural Anthropology


vid Historisk-filosofisk fakultet som föreslagits av Historiska institutionen:

Professor Catherine Hall,
University of London
Professor James C Scott,
Yale University
Professor Margaret R Hunt,
Amherst College
Professor Harald Nilsson,
Uppsala universitet
Professor Amanda Vickery,
University of London
Filosofie licentiat Åke G Sjöberg,


Maria Ågren, hedersdoktor

Maria Ågren, hedersdoktor vid Jyväskylä universitet. Läs mer...


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