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Read more about being an exchange student at the Faculty of Arts at Uppsala University in the International Student Guide. Information for Incoming Exchange Students.

Courses in English
The following courses are offered in English for exchange students, Courses taught in English for exchange students, Uppsala University Sweden, course list. Courses in English given by the Department of History can be found on the homepage of the Department of History (see shortcut schedules) or upon request.

Teaching will be provided under the condition that enough students apply for the course.

Visiting students normally select courses at the department where they are exchange students. Courses from other departments and at other faculties can also be selected, both at Uppsala University in the City of Uppsala and in the city of Visby, Gotland. If you plan to take a course at another department, please note that admission is at the discretion of the particular department. For information on registration procedures please contact the appropriate department.

PLEASE NOTE! Exact dates for when a course starts and ends will be given in August (for the autumn semester) and in January (for the spring semester).

Questions concerning the content of the courses, schedules etc should be posed directly to the instructors or to the Director of Studies. To register for a course you have to contact the exchange coordinator at the Department of History. Please, state the name of the course, your name and your date of birth (and your p-number if you have received one).

The Master-level courses offered in English are available to exchange students who are fourth year history students or equivalent. Contact the Director of Studies for the advanced level concerning qualification requirements and further information. Registration procedures are the same as for B- and C-level history courses.

Tomas Högberg
018 471 7118
visiting hours, Thursdays at 10-12

Moa Sjödahl
018 471 1546
visiting hours, Thursdays at 10-12

visiting address
Thunbergsvägen 3 A

postal address
Box 628
751 26 Uppsala

fax 018 471 1528

Deadline for applications vary from year to year. Please contact an Erasmus coordinator for information regarding application deadlines.



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