Historiska institutionens doktorandförening

Doctoral Student Association's purpose is to represent graduate students at the Department of History at Uppsala and promote their interests. We do this by representing students in the Department Board and the other working groups that are at the department. The Board includes two graduate student representatives, elected at the annual meeting in May each year.

For those thinking of applying for PhD position with scholarship funding are aspects that may be important to consider. If you wonder about what might be important to consider, please get in touch with graduate student association.

doktorandföreningens styrelse
ordförande Francisca Hoyer
sekreterare Jezzica Israelsson
kassör Åsa Olovsson

Historiska institutionen
Thunbergsvägen 3A
Box 628
SE-751 26 Uppsala

kontaktperson Francisca Hoyer
018 471 1532
fax 018 471 1528


The Department of History | Thunbergsvägen 3A | Box 628, S-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden | telephone +46 18 471 15 26 | fax +46 18 471 15 28 | e-mail info@hist.uu.se