About PhD Programme

The four-year PhD program consists of three years of dissertation work and one year of course work. Each PhD candidate is assigned two supervisors.

To be considered for the PhD program applicants need to meet the general entry requirements and the specific entry requirements determined by the faculty board. Applicants also need to possess such skills as are judged necessary to successfully complete the program. (Compare SFS 2006: 1053, HF 7, kap 35 §).

General entry requirements are met by an advanced degree, or by completion of 240 university credits, of which at least 60 has to be at advanced level, or by the equivalent qualifications acquired in Sweden or abroad. Under special circumstances the faculty board may allow exemptions from the general entry requirements. (Compare SFS 2006: 1053, HF 7, kap 39 §).

The specific entry requirement for the PhD program in history is the successful completion of an honors project in history, or in another subject if relevant (i.e. dealing with a historical topic).

To be considered for the program applicants must be proficient in English. Teaching is mainly in Swedish. PhD candidates whose first language is not Swedish are given the opportunity to take part in a Swedish course.

Entry requirements can also be met by those who have acquired equivalent qualifications in Sweden or abroad.


Director of studies Niklas Stenlås

Administrator Lovisa Åkerlind
018 471 1526

Doctoral Students Association

Last modified: 2022-11-21