Uppsala philosopher elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

19 September 2019

Folke Tersman, professor of practical philosophy.

Folke Tersman, professor of practical philosophy at Uppsala University, has been elected as a member of the class for humanities and for outstanding services to science at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. 

Folke Tersman’s primary field of research is issues related to the status and function of moral notions. In the book Moral Disagreement, he discusses issues such as what relevance the existence of differing values within and between cultures has for questions of moral objectivity. Like one of his predecessors at Uppsala, Axel Hägerström, he defends the idea that there can be no objective facts of value by virtue of which moral notions can be true.

As well as several specialist philosophical works in English, Folke Tersman has also written a number of popular science books in Swedish, the most recent of which is Tillsammans – en filosofisk debattbok om hur vi kan rädda vårt klimat(Together: A Philosophical Debate Book on How We Can Save Our Climate).

Folke Tersman is a member of Academia Europaeaand the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Uppsala.