Innovative games win prizes at the Swedish Game Awards

20 June 2016

Screenshot from the game Cryptogram. A dark room with bookcase and armchair.

The game Cryptogram won three prizes at the Swedish Game Awards. In Cryptogram, you the player are stuck in a house and have to make your way around it using doors hidden in bookshelves.

Game Design students from Uppsala University Campus Gotland won half of the prizes at the Swedish Game Awards on 11 June.

SGA, (Swedish Game Awards), is Sweden’s largest game development competition for students at universities and upper secondary schools. Every year, students compete with the games they developed as student projects. This year, 160 student projects entered and 8 prizes were awarded.

The game Cryptogram was a major winner with three prizes out of eight possible: Best Execution in Design, Best Execution in Narrative and Best Technical Execution. The game Sam and Nicole won the prize for Best Diversity Effort.

In Cryptogram, you, the player, are stuck in a crazy house and chased by a monster. The game is like a puzzle and the solutions you need to get around the house you get from bookshelves and literary references. Sam and Nicole is a relationship game in the form of a graphic short story about two girls in love with each other who are to come out of the closet as gay.

Student projects from the Department of Game Design at Campus Gotland usually do well at SGA.

“It’s very pleasing that things go well for Campus Gotland students year after year,” says Håkan Mattsson, lecturer at the Department of Game Design. “The first thing we say to our students when they arrive is that they are not to create the dream game but one which nobody has seen before. Our students’ games are therefore often revolutionary new ideas which make them stand out and which capture the jury’s attention.”

Cryptogram was created by the student group S.crew who are:

  • Daniel Qvarnemark - Producer
  • Maximillian Höglund - Lead Programmer
  • Beatrice Franov Johansson - Lead Art
  • Joakim Persson - Techincal Lead
  • Marcus Forslin - Lead Design
  • Andreas Sjögren - Lead Sound

Sam and Nicole was created by the student group Sigrids änglar who are:

  • Sigrid Svederoth - Lead designer
  • Tova Svensson - Producer
  • Lisa Ramel - Lead Artist
  • Emma Mörk - Artist
  • Rasmus Lindgren - Lead Programmer


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