Archaeologist appointed new honorary doctor

5 October 2016

Archaeologist Jeremy B. Rutter, Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth College, USA, has been appointed a new honorary doctor at the Faculty of Arts.

Jeremy B. Rutter’s contributions in archaeology rest on his groundbreaking studies of Bronze Age ceramic materials from Greece. His publications have become standard works on topics ranging from the Mycenaean culture’s origins in Laconia, to life in the Minoan port town of Kommos and the first people speaking Greek who settled in the Aegean region. The common denominator in his studies is the detailed and innovative analysis of ceramics combined with the new questions he poses to the material.

The Faculty of Arts and Museum Gustavianum want to acknowledge Jeremy B. Rutter’s importance to our understanding of parts of the University’s archaeological collections and the encouragement he has given younger researchers. He has been at hand as a critical reader and a constructive colleague for two generations of researchers at Uppsala University.

The Conferment Ceremony will take place in Uppsala Cathedral on 27 January 2017.