Equal Opportunities Award goes to Anita Hussénius

12 October 2017

Personporträtt på Anita Hussénius.

The 2016 Equal Opportunities Award goes to Anita Hussénius for her leadership.

Anita Hussénius, head of the Centre for Gender Research, has received the 2016 Equal Opportunities Award for her gender-equal and inclusive leadership.

The Equal Opportunities Award is presented to a group or individual who has performed outstanding initiatives to promote equal opportunities at the university. In addition to the distinction, the award winner receives a grant of SEK 25,000. Both students and employees may be nominated for the award. 

The 2016 award was presented to Anita Hussénius at the Centre for Gender Studies on 19 September, Equal Opportunity Day. The statement reads:

“Anita Hussénius practices successful and gender-equal leadership and puts the interests, well-being and safety of the staff first. She works in a hierarchy-free and inclusive way: all employees are treated as equally valuable, regardless of professional title, descent, sexual orientation, gender identity, functionality or credentials. Ideas and suggestions from the staff are received in an encouraging, educational and constructive manner, which creates an open and inclusive atmosphere at the workplace.”